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Vincent Neil Emerson

Fort Worth, TX

Vincent Neil Emerson has a reputation around Texas. He’s got a reputation around Nashville, and with his recent appearance in Jason Momoa’s “On the Roam” YouTube series alongside his good friend Colter Wall, he’s getting a reputation with fans of singer-songwriter music everywhere. Garden & Gun calls him “scrappy”, some call him a good time, but they’re all calling him one of the best new songwriters to come out of Texas, which is quite the call, considering the man is barely old enough to buy beer and doesn’t even have a record out yet.

VNE has been touring with Colter Wall, where he’s brought a lively vibe all his own. Also, fans of Turnpike Troubadours, American Aquarium, Jason Boland, and Charley Crockett have all been brought to their feet as he continues to open for their sold out shows.

Recently VNE teamed up with the tastemaker producers at Niles City Sound to record a debut record, full of soul and swing. Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, Niles City Sound has been defining the region’s sound, producing mega albums like Leon Bridges’ Coming Home.