Jack Mattingly & Whiskey Fever

Skagit County, WA

About 15 years ago in a sleepy, backwater town tucked into the foothills of the Pacific Northwest, 11 year-old Jack Mattingly had an epiphany… he would be a musician. Inspired by the members of a rock band brought in as part of “career day” at Jack’s school, he began his journey.

Today, Jack Mattingly and Whiskey Fever is the realization of that goal. A four piece rock-n-roll band that includes not only the former fourth grader who found his calling in music, but in a unique twist of fate, one of the original members of the band that inspired him to follow his dream.

Jack’s songwriting and story-telling is the perfect blend of heart, smarts, and humor. His musicianship, whether on guitar, banjo, ukulele or harmonica is confident and clean. Combined with the undertones of the rock-n-roll, bluegrass, and folk that inspired him along the way, the music is compelling, honest, and most of all, engaging.

Jack Mattingly and Whiskey Fever live performances are full-energy, intimate-yet-powerful, good time events. They have a somewhat unique ability to engage with people of all ages, in the back row as well as the front.

The band enjoys being on the road and expanding their territory, eagerly and regularly playing around the northwest part of the country-  traveling as far as Anaheim, CA to play the NAMM Show in 2014.

In the Spring of 2015 they released the follow-up to their 2013 “Pop’s Garage” EP- this time a full-length album titled: “Gonna Wake Up This Whole Town”.which garnered rave reviews and propelled the band from a somewhat “local” band to more of a regional band. They are scheduled to release their second full-length LP in the Summer of 2018.

Jack Mattingly and Whiskey Fever has been named “Best Band” (Cascadia Weekly) for the past three years, and most recently won the US Bank-sponsored TourPossible contest at The Showbox Market in Seattle, WA. They opened for The Dandy Warhols, and judges from Sub Pop Records, KEXP Radio, and Amazon Music named Whiskey Fever the winner over 5 other talented PNW-area bands.  They also won the “Fan Favorite” voting.