Haley Johnsen |

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Haley Johnsen

Portland, OR

Haley Johnsen is a Portland, Oregon-born musician with a knack for genre-bending and a hard-earned career path that is uniquely her own. Raised listening to powerhouse singers (such as Brandi Carlile, Grace Potter, Eva Cassidy, and Bonnie Raitt), her greatest inspirations become apparent in her soaring vocals, introspective lyricism, and cross-pollinated style of bluesy-Americana, indie-pop, and rock music.

In 2019, Haley released her critically acclaimed 12-track debut album, Golden Days, featuring artist Allen Stone on vocals on one of the project’s highlight tracks, “Weekend.” That same year, Haley toured with the power-trio sister-band Joseph, and with EDM/Indie pop artist Big Wild, who she currently works with as a bassist and backup vocalist.

During her first Europe tour in January of 2019, Haley was granted the opportunity to record an acoustic album at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Just before her second Europe tour in early 2020, she released her acoustic album, London Sessions, a collection of re-released songs sung live in Studio One. Haley is currently finishing up her 5th studio album and is set to release her first single in August of 2021.