Drew Dolan

Los Angeles, CA

A nomad. A true traveler. Born and raised in Chicago, Drew Dolan has spent years on the road chasing a dream. It was halfway through a three-year journey that he re-surfaced having located his bliss state: creating and playing music. Since then he has left the hitch-hiking life behind and planted himself in Los Angeles. His unique sound is an echoing of yesterday’s past through a foundation rooted in The Blues. With storytelling lyrics and soulful vocals, his “true stories” take life in a genuine and contemporary form with instrumental influences creating a melting pot of Funk, R&B, Soul and Swampy Rock. His music has been featured on terrestrial radio stations such as KCRW, KCSN and K-JAZZ as well as digital formats such as Jam in the Van (under his old band The Proof) and Sofar Sounds. Stay tuned for his next body of work, a five track EP entitled “I’ll Go Mine” which will drop in early 2019.