The Silent Comedy

“All of what we have been through as a band is wrapped up in this new project,” Joshua Zimmerman says of the Silent Comedy’s realization that conflict and challenges often reveal themselves as the best source material for artistic expression. “We started to feel the narrative happening,” Jeremiah Zimmerman adds of the two years spent writing the material that became Enemies Multiply. “It started to come from a very real place. It was exhausting and it was really taking a toll on us. We were in a legitimate struggle, but all the songs started to take on a new meaning. This entire process was saturated with so much frustration and conflict. To see something like Enemies Multiply rise out of that is awesome.”

Distance, time and learning how one best responds to the changing tide stands at the core of the Silent Comedy’s third full-length album. For the Zimmermans, music has always been a means by which to cope with challenging circumstances. As children -after traveling the globe with their missionary parents only to return to the United States, meander some more, then settle down in San Diego in a house with literally nothing but an upright piano- the two brothers looked to musical collaboration in their mid-teens as a stem to their bewilderment. “Jeremiah started writing songs,” Josh recalls. “That was kind of his way of processing everything that we’d been through. That’s really when we started writing together.”

“It was only a matter of time before we fully embraced our rock n’ roll roots,” Josh says. Adds Jeremiah: “The farther we kept going, we realized the stuff that was more interesting to us was the more energetic and rock-focused type material. Our energy has been our biggest asset. We wanted to put that on a record.” To that end, the Zimmerman brothers felt their studio efforts needed to better match their live persona, and turned to Grammy-nominated, Austin-based, producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith to record Enemies Multiply.

If the journey has felt long and painful at times, the Zimmerman brothers feel that with Enemies Multiply, and its accompanying massive live show, the ends truly do justify the means. “All of our recording has been a struggle to get this energetic feeling,” Josh says. “I finally feel we’ve captured it.”