CFC Lineup

Thank you to the 2015 performers or being a part of the 4th annual Chinook Fest Central!

AustinJenckes CBC RobertJon ScottPembertonTrio MassyFerguson ShootJake ZachHinson CassieCorrelle
 RustOnTheRails Dusty45s JaredJamesNichols vaudeville SnugHarbor TheLilSmokies KaraHesse MarshalMcleanBand RedwoodSon  CrackerFactory JacobNavarro HoyerBrothersSleepyMan TheWicks CommonDeer SkylerMehal UphillBothWays JaimeWyatt 

As always, you can expect some of your local favorites to return in 2016, as well as be introduced to new favorites. Check back for the date of the official line-up release as well as the date of our annual Line-up Release Party in the Spring of 2016.

Past Chinook Fest performers:

Cody Beebe & The Crooks
Rags and Ribbons
Whiskey Syndicate
Sammy Witness & The Reassignment
Austin Jenckes
Blake Noble
Tim Snider
SweetKiss Momma
The Wicks
Mikey and Matty
The Halyards
Fall Days
The Silent Comedy
Sturgill Simpson
Robert Jon & The Wreck
Rust On the Rails
Planes On Paper
Vaudeville Etiquette
Jelly Bread
Nick Foster
West Water Outlaws
Snug Harbor
Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind
Root Jack
Ben Union
Lee Oskar
The True Spokes
Kris Orlowski
Tango Alpha Tango
Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
Yogoman Burning Band
The Higgs
Aces Up
Jeff Crosby & The Refugees
Daniel Blue (of Motopony)
Eternal Fair
The Wicks
Massy Ferguson
Bradford Loomis
The Horde and the Harem
Mighty High
Van Eps
Curtains for You
Redwood Son
Daniel Kirkpatrick and the Bayonets
Tommy Simmons
Cracker Factory
Not Amy
Patrick Foster and The Locomotive
Nick Foster
Aaron Daniel’s One Man Banned
Susy Sun
Whiskey Syndicate
City Faire
Daniel Kamas
Open Country Joy
Shoot Jake
Warren G Hardings