Escape to three days of music, camping and fun, nestled in the Cascade Mountains!

The Wicks & Josh Weathers

The Wicks & Josh Weathers – Sept. 11th 10:00-11:15


The Wicks – More Info

Pauline and Jedidiah are the musical soul of the independent folk band, The Wicks. Small town kids from the Pacific Northwest, a recent migration to the heartland introduced the latest addition to the band, lead guitarist and vocalist John Charles Ledbetter. Pauline’s earthy songwriting and powerful voice has blended a vocal depth that is rare, and demands attention.  Jedidiah rounds out the Trio’s sound with a strong rhythm section that includes mandolin and slide guitars.

Josh Weathers – More Info

Josh Weathers is known best for his viral version of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and has sold out crowds of thousands. In 2016 The Wicks joined forces with Josh Weathers to help raise $100,000 for The Hope Home, a project Josh and his wife, Kady are pioneering for the children of India.