Escape to three days of music, camping and fun, nestled in the Cascade Mountains!

Centaur Midwife

Centaur Midwife – Sept. 11th 12:50-1:30 – More Info


Centaur Midwife is an Americana folk rock quartet from Ellensburg, WA that features various acoustic instrumentations and vocal harmonies. Currently the band consists of four members: David Owens, Kyle Bain, Tyler Leavitt, and Garrett Babcock. Our roots lie in the small town diy music scene where gigs dont come easily. We met busking (playing for tips) in fall of 2012 at the local farmers market and from there we grew steadily over the next two years ultimately leading to our first full-length album, a tour, and lots of good stories for the grandkids.

Here’s what 88.1 the Burg had to say about Centaur Midwife and their debut album Manticore Sleepover“Centaur Midwife as a music group is just as much of a rarity as their mystical mascot. Their rich harmonies and grass-roots instrumentation give the music a musky, log cabin-like feel – a hefty dose of country hospitality complimenting each banjo-driven jingle. I won’t attempt to relate the aura of this band to something I’ve heard before – When you sink yourself into the music, you will feel a distinct amount of familiarity, like the tender blues eyes of a childhood friend.”